Dear Facebook Friends

Can you please tell me why you added me to your Facebook when you never appear to read or respond to anything that I write.

Are you so self absorbed that you think how thrilled I must be to hear
every mundane detail of your life like what you are having for tea or the fact that you missed your train. I wouldn’t mind but when I ask for a response
I get nothing, not a flicker of interest. Is this really the true value you have of me?

Could it be that you have added so many meaningless friends that Facebook is really just a numbers game to prove how popular you are. Do you have so many Status updates that you don’t bother to read any of them.

In particular I really hate it when people add you as a friend first but then never answer your messages – why add me in the first place? Please don’t tell me how busy you are – what all year? Oh but you aren’t too busy to proclaim to all whats on your mind.

Being on Facebook is quite revealing. It makes you realise how little you really do mean to most people and how little they actually even bother to think about you.

Yours sincerely