I complain on behalf of all Sky t.v viewers who like myself get billed for the endurance of endless repeats. Even my 3yr old complains about the same children’s episodes repeated continuously. Christmas t.v viewing with Sky is also predictable to the extent that you could write the viewing guide yourself based on previous years of repeats, surely they could put some kind of limit to the endless de ja’ vou they want us all to experience, the funniest thing of all is their new ideas of recording and pausing live t.v just in case you miss anything, which I believe is impossible as you are bound to be able to watch the same movie, programme or documentary at least 10 times within the same week and if we miss that weeks t.v it will still be shown again for numerous weeks. Whom ever has control of our repetitive viewing must either have a very short memory or no memory at all we should all complain to Sky or stop watching t.v as those many repeats cant be good for your mind.