To Whom It May Concern,

It has come to my attention that trying my hardest to be an upstanding, tax paying, national insurance paying and honest citizen here in the UK has not been working to my best advantage, especially when it comes to the dental care system.

Having put up with dental pain for the past 2 years and not being able to do anything about it due to the cost of the living in the country (and not being able to enjoy the benefits of our Social Service system). I have been forced to make a visit to the dentist. It seems when you work and pay your own rent you are a second class citizen in this country. After finally working my way through a list of nearly 20 dentists in the are (18 of which accept NHS patients) I was told by each and everyone that seeing as I work I would have to be taken on as a private patient.
After waiting in the patient room feeling like a lamb to slaughter i was told by my 13 yesar old dentist that I was looking at extractios, root canal and fillings, I left the room in extreme pain, my pocket 90 lighter, unable to get an appointment for another 2 weeks and in even more pain after having been prodded by the dentist.
Now even all this i might be able to take, even after seeing my 12 year old dentist speed past me in his £100,000 sports car while i get soaked at the bus stop, I might be able to take. But what really REALLY gets my goat is having to watch my neighbour, who enjoys luxurious 3 bedtoom council place all paid for courtesy of the state hand outs, while I pay double the rent on  private rented accomodation, give her dazzling smile to me, all crowns and veneers, whilst I want to chop off an arm or someting just to stop my mouth hurting. You see she would have no problem getting an appointment and her and her family all get free dental care!!

How is that for fairness?

Yours truly,

Natalie Hartman