Christmas is packaged with ascetic lights and glitter, but the lights can give lots of us headaches, and ‘that’ glitter gets absolutely everywhere, and can remain in nooks and crannies long after, a constant reminder of the whole sorry mess of it all!

I’m nearly penniless – and why? Because Christmas has picked myself up by the ankles and bled I dry! Yes, it’s ‘this and that‘ and ‘that and this‘, with little left over to spend on yourself: it’s mostly materialistic nonsense with cheap shoddy workmanship on almost everything I buy for as cheaply as I can – and why not, I’m not interested in impressive grandeur, ‘so what’ if things fall down and apart, I tried, and not through want, but through bloody peer pressure, yes, to fit in and be like others!

I really hate spending money on Christmas cards, why can’t people except ‘merriment sentiments’ by mouth: ‘Hello, merry Christmas.’ Why do most people have to have a written message as conformation, making this concept tangible only really benefit’s the predatory companies who pick the pockets of the populace, to supplement their own greed, but what is sad, is that most of us gullibly know this fact, yet lots of us strive to amass as many cards as is humanly possible, purely and solely to impress the Jones’s next door that we are popular, regardless of lots of us being lonely!

The Christmas songs I hear everywhere I go annoy me, I could strangle Noddy Holder! Doesn’t everyone realise that Christmas is a massive cliché, and that I am unimpressively bored with it! The false smiles annoy myself – and I’m one of the perpetrators, but some people don’t even bother to masquerade their charade, they are so blatantly obvious that what once was a smile on some countenances has evolved into an almost permanent contorted grimace! Scary! It seems lots of people are nice for a price, yes, many of them want to look into your financial affairs, and not for their interest, but for the ‘interest’ of the 17% APR that their employers will bestow upon any of your unaffordable purchases. So, Christmas, for some, can carry on throughout the next year – an un-merciless recompense.

Well hold on, I’ve just had a thought, Christmas is a cliché to me, and an expense I’d care not to oblige, but it’s still a magical fairytale to lots of children, especially my grandchildren, whose faces are going to be lighted up brighter than the tree itself! An ideological picture, a paradox in itself, but a rewarding one for all efforts. Christmas can be a time of hardship, but it can also be a time of happiness, you just have to know where to look – in yourself as a small child!

Love who you are, and life – be kind, forgiving and try to embrace the world, rather than be lonely.