To whom it may concern,
When I searched on internet what is the best appliance out there to enhance my experience on pleasing myself, I stumbled upon Ann Summers online store. After reading a lot reviews on their products, finally I decided to buy some appliance and spent GBP 40 which entitled for free delivery. I put this order on June 29, 2011 and got order number 22629500. This package of mine was promised to arrive on my door 7-14 working days after I put the order. Days passed by, On July 18, I put my complaint asking them, where’s my order. On July 19, they replied my email saying that my package has been dispatched on July 5, 2011. I had none worry at the moment, and decided to wait further. But none come. So I decided to reply their email at July 25, asking the same question, where is my package. Below is their advice :
“We would advise you when going to your local post office to give them your full address and your ref number that will be on the parcel of 22629500. It will have a return address of Gold Group House, Whyteleafe, Surrey, CR3 0GG.”

So I did go to my local post office and trying to locate my package, but there are no such thing, the post officer who served me said that if there’s a package for me, they will deliver it to my house for sure.
So I reply their email again.

Finally on July 30, Ann Summers told me that they already arranged another package to send to me, with new order number 21155238. I checked on my account at Ann Summers web site and found nothing happen with my account, there’s no new order placed for me. But hey, maybe they didn’t record replacement order, so I decided to wait for another 10-14 working days. After all, I still believed that Ann Summers is one reputable company. But none come either.

On August 16, I replied their email again, asking another same question, where the hell my package is? This is their reply:

“Thank you for your email, I am sorry your orders failed to arrive I can confirm both orders 22629500 and 21155238 was dispatched, it appears they are not getting through customs, they have also not been returned back to Head office as yet
On this occasion we are unable to send for a third time so a refund will be processed back to your card, this should show in your bank within the next 7 working days
I am sorry for your disappointment”

On September 5, 2011, I sent them another email, saying that up until that day, I haven’t got either my package or refund. They haven’t replied my email since then. It’s September 15, 2011 today, meaning that almost 3 months since I put and paid my order, Ann Summers delivers nothing to me.

I’m not beginner in buying at online store anywhere in the world, but this is the first time I experienced such negligence by such well known company. I can’t help but doubting if any words that they said in their mails is carrying through. I don’t see any real efforts to troubleshoot my problem.

GBP 40 is really not much money for some people, but still, that money is a result of a hard working. I don’t get it freely, so I expect Ann Summers to respect and appreciate that fact. I went to Ann Summers in hoping to get the best, but I get nothing.

I still have hope that this matter can be resolved despite of abundant disappointment that I feel. A word of advice for anyone outside UK who shop at Ann Summers online, make sure that your order is trackable. You can’t rely on just words, learn from my experience. And for Ann Summers, please make a correct statement about shipping facts. I hope I’m the only customer that receive this kind of service from you.