Last night my friend and I came out of local pub in Maryhill, Glasgow. Right across the road from the pub is a 24 hrs Tesco, decided we would go in get a sandwich, use the cash machine and then phone a taxi. On entering the store we were talking and laughing as you do when you’ve had a few wines!!! Made our way up the escaltor to turn round and notice that the security guard was following us, we made our way to the sandwich area and we were both talking about what we wanted, when the security guard approached and said “if’s you’s continue to talk, you’s will not be served and will be asked to leave the store” I was totally shocked, we were doing nothing wrong. We got our products and made our way to the till, only again to be followed and told to be quiet. Tesco should have been glad of the custom as apart from us there was no other customer’s to been seen. We payed for our items and we were then escorted out the premises, I think it’s an absoulte disgrace, treating people this way, if they did’nt want people coming in to the establisment after they’ve had a few drinks then they should’nt have opened a 24 hour store, next to a local pub/nightclub!!!!!!!