Dear Gordon Brown,

I’d like to cut to the chase, since your time is valuable to you, as mine is to me.

Our streets are crying.
God of consumerism;have we become so weak?
De-sensitised by television, we sit and watch as your justice bombs and biological candy takes effect, wounding hundreds of thousands in their lightest consequences. An attack that could be so easily stopped with one command- the mere wave of a hand.

Instead we shrug of the guilt.
Instead we just find another face to show.
The smiling face of success – of deception.
We work on the basis of what you say goes, as you puppet your frustration with a blinded flag.
50,000 people – our brothers and sisters of fellow nations, die of starvation per day, while millions are spent on bombs causing death showers! You call it modern globalisation. We call it not giving a damn. Face it! The bottom line is money! You’ve long since lost your direction. Why must we kill our own kind? All that remains for me are doubts…

At this rate, regression will take its course, and there’s nothing we will be able to do to stop it. We all have time to change, as we swim against the violent wave of time. This tsunami will engulf us, and leave no man unscathed. It’s never to late to reinvent our minds, our youth; our people. Acting as two organisations, confined within the same nation. We are all responsible. We suppers the innate human quality to revolt. Without the people there would be no government. Don’t be afraid to make a change. If we’re wrong, then at least we’ll know better.

We all will hold the blame at worlds end.
But when the day comes.
When i’m all alone, and left to wash myself with tears and rusty water.
We’ll see if it was really worth it.

Zane Morris