I hate food shopping, in fact I have a tendency to get bored to the point that I really do not care if we miss half the items on the list, I just want to go home! So you can imagine how I felt about the Christmas food shop I had been avoiding for two days.

Yet, despite my misgivings, I had seriously underestimated the stress and chaos of operation. We had came prepared with list in hand which would have been a practical piece of organisation had the supermarket managed to keep the shelves stocked and we were able to actually buy what we wanted.

That last comment is maybe a little unfair, we were able to buy brussel sprouts, just not in the manner we wanted. Due to there only being about five healthy looking sprouts left we had to buy a large bag instead (who wants a large bag of Brussels sprouts?!) which of course were more expensive.

In fairness, this could be down to the time of our shopping visit which was eight in the evening but surely if a supermarket chooses to be open 24 hours they should be able to provide a full service for 24 hours? I don’t think I’m being particularly unreasonable, I don’t expect them to have EVERYTHING at all hours of the day but you would think I would be able to weigh out the sprouts I want a few days before Christmas.

Enough about greens, what would Christmas be without the Christmas cheese board. Well obviously it is not a priority in my supermarket so they had no one on the deli counter and some awkward gymnastic manouvers were required to get to what I wanted. The supermarket did however have plenty of their pre-selected, pre-packaged, pre-priced £5 or more cheese boards on sale.

Again it was 8pm in the evening you can’t expect the deli counter to be hours the store is open, can you?

So after dodging trolleys and still not finding the tin foil I reach the dairy fridges. Now I am aware that sometimes the milk cartons can leak, nothing is perfect, but I don’t think it is too much to ask that this is cleaned up. The stench of milk which has been sat under the milk shelving for obviously some time immediately makes me want to throw up.

Now I don’t think I’m being a hygiene or clean freak but is it too much to ask that I want to buy my milk from an area that does not make me want to throw up? I know you are a 24 hour store but surely you can find the time somewhere.

I am getting fed up of this so called 24 hour store business to be honest. If you are going to be a 24 hour supermarket and make that something you market yourself on then you have to provide the FULL service 24 hours and that includes the deli and having major items in stock AND keeping the store in a relatively tidy (and smell free) condition.