The good points about the La Rosa Hotel: The building, rooms and décor are amazing. It’s great to see that someone has fully gone through with their vision of how they would like somewhere to look. Its themes and quirkiness are some much more in keeping with Whitby’s history, the literature and the people who have visited. This place is such a world away from all the other normal and slightly naff establishments in Whitby.

My girlfriend and I stayed in the Sacre Coeur room and for a romantic weekend away it was absolutely perfect. The rooms although small, are well thought out and the bed and bedding were amongst the most comfortable I have ever experienced. The view from our room was fantastic, looking straight across the harbour and with Abbey greeting us each morning. We both really appreciated the lack of phone or television in the room; mobiles are cheaper and who goes on holiday to watch TV anyway?

However, there were some issues with our stay, that at £120 a night for the room you’d expect not to be the case Firstly, the breakfast, this comes in the form of a hamper delivered to your door each morning. This contains a couple of boiled eggs, two scones, fruit cake, two yoghurts, some apple drink from the Co-op and a cafetiere. This did not change for either of our days, was bit meagre and seemed to be something that had gone from being a great idea to just a token effort. Also no milk for coffee! I actually heard another guest have to chase the person leaving the hamper to ask for some.

Secondly, they did not clean room. My girlfriend, a seasoned traveller, stated that she has stayed in £10 a night hostels where they clean the room. This meant that we still had the used cups from when first arrived and full rubbish bins for the time that we stayed. We had to provide the plastic bags for the bins too. Once again, pretty standard stuff.

I really think that this is a great idea and you’ll get people to go once just see the place. But in order to get people to come back you’ve got to provide some of those things that you get when paying these sorts of prices. Otherwise, people won’t come back and they won’t recommend to others and that’s what keeps you in business.