I take a lot of pride about being a 65-year-old car driver without a blemish on my licence.
That was until I was clocked speeding by a roadside camera after visiting a pal in hospital.
When the speeding ticket plopped through my letter box I discovered I was caught driving at 36 miles per hour in a 30 miles per hour zone.
I had the option of coughing up £60 and getting three points on my licence or paying £80 and attending a speed awareness course and not be punished with the points.
I chose the latter.
I have to say the four hour course was very informative and something which I benefitted from.
However I did express my anger and frustration over the fact that the day after I was caught doing 6 miles per hour over the speed limit I counted more than 20 drivers blatantly using their mobile phones while at the wheel.
Does a 65-year-old driver going just over the speed limit present more of a danger than an idiotic driver using a mobile phone?
I think not.
I was told on the course that I wasn’t classed as a typical speed merchant but someone who had committed a speeding offence because of a “lapse of concentration”.
I believe that would a long lapse to somebody driving while using a mobile phone.
The sooner this government ban people who drive while using mobile phones the better.