I would like to complain about the introduction of more and more self service checkouts in my local sainsbury store in Islington. There used to be a fast service area for baskets only with one queue for about 1 or more checkouts which moved very quickly and efficiently. This whole area and more of the checkout area has been replaced by self service checkouts. I find the increase in this deplorable what happened to ‘service’ the supermarkets make huge profits and then expect us to serve ourselves. Fair enough maybe if they offered a reduction in your shopping bill if you do this but no the prices still remain the same. When I complained in store I was met with but we will help you use them – that is not the issue the lack of service is. They also implied that it was what customers want not any of the customers I spoke to and what happens to the staff who used to man the checkouts?

I seem to remember reading in the press that an english supermarket tried the same thing in the States and it bombed with people voting with their feet and not using the shops.

Bring back good old fashioned service with a smile the money these companies make the least they could do was provide me with a checkout service hey maybe even bring back people packing my bag and carrying it to my car – at least it would help with unemployment.