Dear sir / madam

I am writing to criticize the way your restaurant is set, last week I went to your restaurant and couldn’t sit on my seat as it was too small, I don’t know if your attempting to compensate on something but I feel that unless you order chairs for adults and not children I will not come to your restaurant so it will be your loss, I think it would be better if we bring chairs from home, as then people can see that the quantity of people looks better than the quality of the service, equipment etc.

Another reason is the lighting, I don’t know whether your trying to save money on electricity or trying to save money on bulbs, (I would advise you use energy saving light bulbs), however when I come to a posh place, I expect quality service, I regret that I cant see my food in the dark and unless you have night vision binoculars I wont be able to see whats on my plate.

Finally your service fact of having to order drinks, expecting glasses but drinking out of cups is ridiculous, I understand it’s the recession but this is a whole new level, some of them aren’t actually clean, unless you take actions I will have to bring my own glasses and my own plates, unless you can fulfil these needs, you will lose more customers.

Yours sincerely

Nusrat Ghafar

p.s take what I say in account, it will help