Dear sir or madam

Im writing this e-mail of complaint that a couple of weeks ago me and my family went to your Harvester in Chadwell Heath the Greyhound pub,when ordering the food we pointed out to the waiter that my wife is egg intolerent cause she had picked the mixed grill of the menu and could he make sure that there was no egg on the meal,when it arrived we found that there was an egg on top of the steak,so asked the waiter to take it back to the kitchen then he said sorry and assured me that he would bring a complete new meal again,if an egg has been in contact with any other things on the plate my is wife is ill for a couple of days,what had happened was that the meal went back to the kitchen they took the egg of the plate and put the rest of the same meal on a different plate and it was only me asking the waiter to make sure it wasnt the same meal after he brought it back to the table,then back to the kitchen and yes we got a new meal again,but in this time me me and my 2 children have already receivced our meals and my wife is sitting there watching us eat which she found quite uncomfortable,we finished our meals which were very nice in the end and payed for i then approached the manager and told her what had happened i know i should have called her over to the table straight away,but my wife is very quiet person and dosent like to make a fuss.the manager assured me that she would have a word with the kitchen very disappointed with the way it was dealt with and could of caused my wife to be very ill and lose time from work,im bringing this to your attention just so it does not happen to anyone sorry to say we love eating at the harverster but now its made us think twice about it now

Kind regards

Mr John Murphy