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Saxon Mortgage

I writing this letter to tell your company the injustice you have done to me as a 75 year old woman. I have been paying mortgage to your company for 4 years now. Each year it gets harder and harder to make my payments. I have recently signed up for your Loan Modification Program. Your company had me sign and notarize papers.

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Barclays CDL incompetence

I opened a Career Development Loan with you in August 2008 and started my repayments via a standing order that had been set up with my bank, Natwest, on 7th August 2009. However, two months after this date I received a letter from your debt collection department claiming I was in arrears. I immediately called your Career Development Loan department to explain that two instalments of £181 had left my account on 7th August and 7th September and I had checked with my bank that there had been no problems with those payments.

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